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Education of Homeless Students Policy


The District shall comply with the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Act. 

The District shall seek to eliminate barriers to school attendance for homeless 
students as defined by law. When feasible and consistent with a 
parent/guardian/unaccompanied youth’s wishes, the homeless student shall be 
enrolled in his/her school of origin and transportation shall be provided at the 
district’s expense. 

When not feasible for a homeless student to attend his/her school of origin, as 
determined by the Superintendent in consultation with the parent/guardian/ 
unaccompanied youth, the student shall be placed in a school that is in the “best 
interest of the student.” The Superintendent shall submit such placement 
decisions to the parent/guardian in writing along with notice of the right to appeal 
and a dispute resolution procedure. 

Dispute Resolution 

The District shall comply with all interim measures required by law during the 
dispute resolution process. Parent/guardian/unaccompanied youth wishing to file 
an appeal shall notify the homeless student liaison. The liaison shall follow the 
dispute resolution procedure created by the state. 
Homeless Student Liaison 

The Board designates Rocio Fernandez-Lugo, Family Worker/Hispanic Liason, as the 
homeless student liaison. This individual shall perform all duties required by law.