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Coach/Advisor Contact List


Volleyball 6AA

Head - Bridget Bednar

J/V Assistant - Brooke Ostendorf

9th Grade - Kim Crosby

8th Grade - Katrina Fligge

7th Grade - Angela Hanson

Cross Country 6A

Head - Steve Christians

Assistant - Brent Sterriker

Girl’s Tennis 6A (Swanville/Upsala)

Coaches - Angela Eldred

Football 6AA

Head - Brad Evenson 

Assistant - Paul Urman
Assistant - Jonathan Larson
Assistant -
Brett Eisenschenk

7th and 8th Grade - Ryan Bothun/Tate Urman




Boy’s Basketball 6AA

Head - Jon Larson

Assistant - Mike Eberle

9th Grade - Brett Eisenschenk

7th and 8th - Jonathan Larson

Girl’s Basketball 6AA

Head - Jonathan Young

Assistant - Angela Eldred

9th - Laura Geinsenhof

7/8th - Jonathan Larson

Girl’s Hockey 6A (Wadena/Brow/Sauk)

Head - Dannelle Breitenfeld

Assistant - Angela Hanson Gymnastics 8A Head - Kristi Gaida Assistant - Brent Sterriker
Assistant - Taylor Lanoue

One Act Play

Kyle Lamb

Knowledge Bowl

Grades 9-12 Meghan Peterson

Jr. High - Julie Atkinson

Boys Hockey 6A (Sauk/Melrose/Brow)

Head Coach - Chad Wehrman

Assistant - Colby D.

Wrestling 5A (Browerville)

Head - Jacob Lorentz

Assistant - Nate Pachan Assistant - Brian Friedrichs




Baseball 6AA

Head - Paul Urman

J/V Assistant - Jonathan Larson

8th Grade - Brett Eisenschenk

7th Grade - Dave Blanchard

Softball 6AA

Head - Joe Gaida

JV/Assistant - Ashley Pohlman

8th Grade - Andy Engelhardt

7th Grade - Jen Olson

Girl’s Track 6A

Head - Andy Otremba

Jr. High - Eric Torgerson

Boy’s Track 6A

Head - Jonathan Young

Assistant - Allison Treibenbach

Golf 6AA (Browerville)

All Golf - Susan Lowe